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Who is The Funky Debutante...

My name is Jenny Brockman and I am The Funky Debutante!  Technically... I am just "slightly" (wink, wink) past the age of being a debutante, but with enough Botox, hair color, and an arsenal of beauty products, I plan on passing for one as long as possible...
 I specialize in upgrading and creating residential and commercial interiors. I started my courtship with in the design industry over 25 years ago.  I began my first interior decorating/design business 20 years ago.
On the very rare occasion that I'm not working on interior design projects, you can find me behind the scenes
as a freelance hair/makeup artist for local production shoots.
 I believe that your environment should be a beautiful reflection of you.
 I am passionate about helping each client create an environment that elevates their unique style in the best possible way.  
Thank you for visiting my website!

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