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Who is Jenny Brockman...

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I was destined to be an artist!  My passion started in interior decorating. At the age of ten, my "first client" (a kind woman that discovered my talent through how I would tidy up after babysitting her children) paid me to rearrange her furniture and accessories. I probably rearranged my childhood bedroom once a month. While other children wanted to play outside, I wanted to tour homes...
After I graduated from a South Carolina high school in 1995, I attended Winthrop University as an Interior Design major. In the beginning, I was a little more drawn to decorating than the design. I continued my studies at Winthrop, but changed my major to one of my other passions, dance. I have been dancing ever since I was four years old and I love it as much as I love interior decorating. I found a way to focus on both passions by majoring in dance and minoring in visual arts (with most of my classes being design focused).  I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in December of 1999.
In the year 2000, I worked as the showroom designer for Purple Pickett Furniture Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was responsible for the design and placement of all furniture and accessories in both Purple Pickett locations. I also decorated a high end night club through this company.
 In 2001 I became the manager at Varji & Varji Salon. Varji & Varji  was an upscale hair salon and spa, also located in Charlotte.  It was at Varji & Varji that I fell in love with the beauty industry! As a result, my artistic interests expanded.  I also became quite smitten with the Aveda product line and culture while working at Varji & Varji Salon. My artistic passion was rapidly growing to include the beauty industry, but I wasn't quite ready to jump into it full force. 
I was young and wanted to explore living outside of the Carolinas.  In 2002 I followed my paternal family roots and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Generations of my family are from the Atlanta area and I always felt that I belonged there, too. I was grateful to land a job in customer service for a local flooring company,  while I learned my way around the area.  I took this opportunity to learn as much as I could about the flooring industry and how I could use this knowledge to be a better decorator.  
About 8 months after moving, I met the love of my life, Jonathan. We immediately knew that we were soul-mates and married a year and a half later. Jonathan graduated from Auburn University.  He has a strong business background and an entrepreneurial spirit. So naturally, he began to work on a business plan for me to have my own interior decorating company.
Through a lot of hard work and creative planning, Practical Prestige was born. Practical Prestige was the first company that I owned.  I started out in the residential market and soon penetrated the commercial market, as well. I developed a niche for decorating dental offices, which I really enjoyed. I started paying closer attention to the design aspect of my projects, but mainly focused on decorating.  I was blessed with wonderful clients and colleagues who contributed to my success.  I  began the business in 2004 and enjoyed every minute of it. 
In 2009, I started feeling the effects of the 2008 economic crash.  Business started slowing down as clients needed to tighten their budgets.  I decided to take this shift as an opportunity to reinvent myself.  I closed Practical Prestige and enrolled at the Aveda Institute of Atlanta. It was time to pursue my passion for the beauty industry. 
Aveda's attention to excellence in products, culture, and education led me to study at their cosmetology school. In order to be the best, I needed to learn from the best.  I really enjoyed my time at Aveda Institute and even won student of the month while there.  I always met my service and sales goals with excellence.  I took every opportunity to learn as much as I could from the unique teaching styles and backgrounds of each instructor.  I graduated from the Aveda Institute with a Master Cosmetology degree in 2010.  I then passed my state board and officially became a master cosmetologist. 
After receiving my license, I began working with the wonderful ladies of Bernadette's Hair Salon and Wig Gallery in Sandy Springs, GA.  I absolutely loved working at Bernadette's and will always cherish them.  Although I loved Bernadette's, I really missed owning my own company and I missed interior decorating/design. 
After brainstorming and planning with my husband (once again),  The Funky Debutante was born.  The business model of the Funky Debutante encompasses my passion for interior decorating/design, hair/makeup artistry (for production/film), and writing an eclectic blog (when I have time).  
 I started The Funky Debutante in August of 2011 and I am growing more everyday. With time and experience, I have transitioned from decorating into design.  I love problem solving and I love improving both the function and aesthetics of a space.  I love collaborating with clients, architects, and contractors to create spaces that beautifully reflect the style and meet the unique needs of each client.   
Regardless of the creative avenue, I approach all that I do with the same detailed philosophy.  My focus has always been based on executing my clients' tastes in a beautiful way. For this reason, I feel that getting to know the client is the most important step in my process.  I take the time to learn their likes and dislikes.  I ask detailed questions to learn what makes them unique.  I take that information and tailor my designs specifically for them.
Whether I am enhancing/creating a welcoming environment or (occasionally) collaborating on a film project, I always give my best.  I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  
I will continue to be a student of life by allowing my creativity to continue to evolve in different ways. In keeping with this philosophy, I also write an eclectic blog.  I am hoping to share encouragement, spiritual wisdom, beauty tips, fashion tips, design tips, and inspirational stories through this medium.  It is my way to take what I have learned, in all aspects of life, and share with others.  After all, what good are our talents and experiences if we don't share them?   Regardless of the medium, I am dedicated to using my creative talents to serve others with excellence.
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