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TFD is now offering E-Design...

What is E-Design?

E-Design is a remote way to offer interior design services.  It is a great option for self-motivated DIYers who want the layout, furnishings, and finishes for their space to be selected by a professional interior designer, but prefer to execute the updates themselves.  

What does this include?

Remote consulting services- Your interior designer will do all communication remotely.  This includes the use of phone calls, vidoe calls, texts, emails, and the management software used for your project, etc.  


We will require you to be more "hands on"  by filling out a detailed questionnaire, providing measurements, providing photos, and all related information needed to properly plan and execute your room design.  We need your full commitment in being an active partner in this process to ensure that all services are completed in a timely, productive fashion.

Spacial Planning-  Your interior designer will take the measurements that you provide and create a quick layout to determine appropriate scale/placement for furnishings and fixtures, etc.  


When thorough and check your measurements well because you are responsible for all existing measurements given related to your project.


The spacial planning part of your E-Design service is for the purpose of determining the appropriate layout for your space.  It does not include detailed plans or renderings. You can purchase those separately, if desired.

Mood Boards- Mood boards are  (digital) visual boards that displays grouped images of our recommended selections, fixtures, and furnishings for your space.  This is a visual aid used to show how our recommendations work together in a cohesive way.

Project Board- We will create a project board specifically for you.  This is where we will keep all related notes, suggestions, and selections for your space. We will share this private board with you, so that you can stay on top of progress, as well as approve and comment on presented options and notes.   You can also use it as a reference to execute your design.

Redesign- Redesign is when we give you design advice on reworking the existing items in your space.  We may suggest adding in a few new pieces.  We also may suggest painting, refinishing, or reupholstering your existing furniture and/or decor.  This is a great option for clients who just want a cosmetic refresh as opposed to an entirely new design.

How am I billed for E-Design services?

Hourly Rate- All E-Design services will be billed at the hourly rate of 125.00 per hour.  This rate is reasonably reduced from our standard hourly fee.  

Purchasing/Procurement- All items selected for your project will need to be purchased directly through The Funky Debutante, LLC.  We require 100% payment upfront before ordering items on your behalf.  

"Add On" Drawings and Renderings- You may choose to add on the options for digital concept plans and/or renderings.  This add on service will be performed at our standard hourly rate of 175.00 per hour.

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