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Good Stewardship is the First Step to Good Design

How many of us spend our free time pinning our wish lists on Pinterest? We carefully organize our boards to reflect the areas of life that we want to improve. Whether it be our health, appearance, or home, the desire to better ourselves never stops. Moving from Pinterest to reality can seem overwhelming. Where do we begin? We know what we want, but we aren't sure where to start. I believe the best place to start is right where you are in life. Take an inventory of what you have and how you are doing? Are you giving your best in all areas? Are you taking care of the people, life, and possessions that God has entrusted to you (including yourself)? If you are like me, then some areas are better than others. Be gentle with yourself when acknowledging your weaknesses and figure out how you can leverage your strengths. Come up with a list of goals that you would like to accomplish and keep them in a visible spot (in your office, on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, etc). Then take one doable step each day. If your home is an area that you have been neglecting, then here are three easy ways that becoming a better steward will improve your home design.

1. Clean, Organize, Repair...

The first step in being a good steward with your home is to clean it up. Focus one room at a time (including storage areas). Clear out all of the unnecessary clutter and put items away in designated areas. Once the space is cleared of clutter, then start deep cleaning. Wipe down your windows, walls, baseboard, and other surfaces. Wash linens, fluff pillows, and dust everything. Take an inventory of anything that needs to be repaired. Do you need to touch up paint? Do your window or baseboards need new caulk? Do table legs need to be tightened? Do sofa or chair cushions need to be steamed or treated? In other words, take what you already have and give it your best care.

2. Repurpose, Refresh, Remove...

Now that your space is cleaned, organized, and repaired, take a look at what you have with fresh eyes. Will a coat of paint bring new life to an old coffee table? Can new throw pillows liven up an existing sofa or chair? Can you freshen up current artwork by painting or replacing the frame? Can you update lamps by replacing the shades? There are many different ways to bring new life to your space by using existing decor. If there are items that you no longer want, then try selling or donating them. You can post items onto an online yard sale site or have an actual garage sale. Either way you are able to get a little money for what you no longer want instead of wastefully discarding it. If needed, this money can go towards new decor. If your items aren't sellable, then try donating them. If you donate them, then be sure to get a tax receipt. Every little bit helps when it comes to being a good steward. Lastly, if your items are not worth donating, then recycle them. At least, you can know that your items aren't wasting away in a landfill. Being mindful of our stewardship with every item in our care, is an important step in taking care of our home.

3. Create, Personalize, Enjoy...

Now that you have repurposed, refreshed, or removed your decor, it is time to get creative. Choose an existing pattern that inspires you. It may be the fabric of a pillow or pattern in a window treatment. Perhaps it is a rug or an interesting piece of artwork. The only requirement is that you love it. Once your inspiration has been identified, then pull colors, patterns, and textures that compliment and flow with your choice. Your muse can be a guide for choosing a new wall color, sofa fabric, and so on. As long as your design choices flow or contrast in an interesting way, you are one step closer to having a well-designed space that you love. To take it a step further, be purposeful with the items that you add to your space. Decorate with family pictures, cherished documents, or keepsakes. Find ways to include a favorite bible verse or inspirational quote. Your options are endless as long as they are a reflection of you. As you know, Pinterest is a wonderful source for how to display your beloved items in a unique way. So have fun and start decorating! Once you have completed your creation, all that is left is to enjoy it! When the time is right, you can use this same technique to breath new life into other areas of your home. Through mindful stewardship and creative design, you can create a welcoming environment that uniquely reflects your style!

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