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Personalize Your Design

Personalize your design by using items with meaning.

This briefcase belonged to my grandfather, who died several years before I was born. He was an industrial engineer that took on interior design clients (on the side) as a creative passion.

He had an opportunity to leave his engineering job to start a design business with a partner (that later became very successful in the industry ... so I am told).

My grandfather had four children and a wife and felt that leaving the steady income and nice standard of living was too risky. So, he decided to stick with engineering.

My dad has fond memories of driving around Atlanta as my grandfather pointed out, with pride, different homes that he enhanced.

I love hearing this story of my grandfather, knowing that I share the same passion. I am happily living out the legacy of his dream.

I am so fascinated by how specific traits, beyond the physical, are passed down through generations.

This briefcase is a treasured reminder of a kindred spirit that I never had the pleasure of knowing.

It reminds me to keep striving to be better each day in my chosen field. It prompts me to be grateful for the opportunity to live out my dream that began with my grandfather. It encourages me to be thankful for the unique blend of analytical and creative thinking that started two generations before me.

I hope that I honor his legacy by being a good steward with the talents that he gifted to me through our shared DNA.

My favorite design has depth. It includes pieces that tell our personal stories.

This is one treasured piece that tells an intimate portion of mine.

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